About William Meffert

After obtaining a  B.A. from Duke and completing an M.D. and surgical residency at Yale, I was an army combat surgeon in Vietnam, then performed cardiovascular surgery for thirty years in Iowa. Now retired, I have volunteered as a surgeon in Haiti, Russia, and China. Other interests include becoming a certified flight instructor, working as a carpenter for Habitat for Humanity, and consulting for Stanford University, Department of Surgery. My stories have appeared in 10,000 Tons Of Black Ink, AOPA Pilot Magazine, The Vietnam Archive, Crack The Spine, Cutthroat, The Evergreen Review, The MacGuffin, the Helix Literary Magazine, Web MD, and Ars Medica.


Informal  Bio

Born in Iowa, raised in Iowa, trained on the East Coast, I returned to practice cardiac surgery in Iowa for many years. The Midwest left an indelible impression on me as a place where people get along, usually work hard, and  care for each other.

The 90 year old farmer who returned to working the fields on his tractor two weeks after heart surgery.

The boy, severely injured in a shotgun hunting accident, who afterward dreamed of drinking Pepsi, and his look with the first swallow.

The experiences as a combat surgeon in Vietnam where improvising was important in treating severe wounds, and where soldiers told stories about death and near misses.

To write about the beauty and the risks of flying airplanes, working in Haiti and Russia, about surgical training  and medical school- memories of things that happened, both the good and the unfortunate.

These experiences provide ideas for my fictional short stories.

William meffert