A Long Way From Home

Working as a ranch hand, eighteen-year-old Nick learns quickly from his older cousin Mel that sometimes shooting a gun is necessary. When Mel is drafted, Nick enlists so they can stay together, and the two are promptly shipped to Vietnam. Nick is found to have exceptional eyesight, and both he and Mel are put on a sniper team. Dropped into intense combat, Nick develops into a lethal fighter while Mel begins to show signs of stress and fatigue. It becomes clear to Nick that he will have to protect his older cousin.

Soon enough, however, both Nick and Mel are seriously injured: Mel loses part of a leg and Nick suffers a severe facial injury. Upon their return to the States, the cousins realize that the specter of Vietnam has followed them home, and that their own personal battles have just begun.

A Long Way From Home offers an in-depth look at post-traumatic stress disorder and how it affects soldiers who have returned from war. The book offers insights into PTSD and other physical trauma, the harrowing journey to recovery, and how soldiers endeavor to move on with their lives.

I am currently seeking agent representation for my literary novel A Long Way From Home. An excerpt of this novel, “Lost,” appeared in MacGuffin.